Past Games

2nd Place of the NHTV Breda Location! -- "The Lesser Key of Solomon" is a boardgame where you play as a group of five teenagers who have found a book of Daemonology.
Fix wounds by building bridges of cells. You'll see why this is fun, once you're playing it. Enjoy!
The game takes place in a garden that is divided in a grid of 5 (pots). The player is a lotus flower that sprouts seeds to grow plants that die and get reincarnated through the lotus flower (Buddhism/Hinduism). The player plants seeds by hitting the right key combinations at rhythm of the beat (15bpm). The sun is animated to give players visible feedback of the beat. Each ‘cycle’ the player can chose to plant a seed OR grow an already sprouted plant. The music grows more complex and intense when the player grows more and bigger plants on the grid. Different types of seeds grow different plants that resonate differently with the music and thus impact musical harmony. The positioning of the different types of plants impacts the harmony of the plants on the left and/or right side of the grid. The player starts with two types of plants and gets new types of plants when they successfully grow the first (normal) plant. When players miss the beat mark the seed doesn’t get planted or the plant they targeted changes tone (false). The reward to the player is more pleasant and harmonic music. When the player doesn’t hit any key combinations the music keeps playing in its current state or degrades. The player can remove plants when he does not like the harmony of his ‘garden’.