Past Games

HaQR: Biohaq is a short espionage thriller you play with your phone and printed QR codes. You play as a hacker, tasked with testing the security measures of a biotech giant operating in chips.
Be a team (2-4 players) of engineers protecting an alien creature in a sphere. Roll it safely to the goal by destroying robots, repairing floor tiles, destroying floor tiles and repairing robots!
Wehheim is a location-based mobile game where you help a little hamster finding his home. He is telling you sad or fun stories, to let you know if you are on the right track.
A VR stealth game without hands. You are in an old mansion to steal all the good loot - and cake! But don't get caught by the ghosts haunting this place.
A two-player game where you try to please your Master of Potions by brewing a potion after his recipe - and have to keep care that you don't get seen by your teacher while you try to sabotage you
A horror game by Jana Reinhardt and Friedrich Hanisch - - You walk around in a (seemingly) empty submarine. Quickly you will find out that you're not alone ... strange creatures are lurking in the shadows. Your heartbeat tells you if they're near. You have to destroy the submarine and find the rescue capsule in order to win "72".
Yes, it's a SNAKE-clone, BUT a cool one with a little twist. You have to enclose your enemies to finish them. Power-Ups improve your abilities and let your body grow in length. But beware your own body or you soon will inclose yourself!