Past Games

In a shattered world, an anonymous volunteer decides to repair the connections that keep the people together, who are now lost and exiled. Controls Directional arrows: Move character Space: Repai
"A person who has a miserable life at home and constantly feels the pressure of his family and friends in the place where he rests from day to day. More than a challenge, it is a playable expe
Music Planets is a music synchronization game, mind-body will be put to the test to prove who is the best in 360 dance with augmented reality! Top Score: 7110 by Tomas Fernandez.
It's about waves and stuff...
El jugador toma el lugar de un ritualista, deberá mezclar en su caldero diferentes tipos de runas a para crear un ritual específico a partir de una pista.
Un juego en donde cuatro personas se encuentran encerradas en diferentes habitaciones ante un peligro inminente.
Eikki aparece en un castillo abandonado sin saber como llego ahí ni que debe hacer, se adentra en los laberintos para ir descubriendo su camino, su salida y su vida.
Heart Healers Year 2048, the Earth has been invaded by an alien species microscopic, causing a disease that makes heart attacks in the human race. With the help of scientists and a group of brave is formed squadron known as Heart Healers. Heart Healers are a squad of brave soldiers atomized through science, with its battleships (antivirus), fought in the highway system of every human intravenous, thus saving the hearts of the world population. controls: WASD : move up, right, down, left direction arrows: powers space bar: basic power