Past Games

In this game, you play a little wisp on it´s journey to find his lost soul back.
ドローンをコントロールして、ばらばらになった修理城をRepairします。 Control a drone to repair the Shuri Castle in ruin.
不思議な世界で家具を集めよう! ノーマルモード 左クリック:物の回収 右クリック:設置モード切替 中クリック:ギミック起動(ギミック対応アイテムのみ Rキー:装備モード切替 WASD:移動 スペース:ジャンプ 設置モード 左クリック:物の設置 右クリック:ノーマルモード切り替え マウスドラッグ:持っているものの切り替え QE:回転 WASD:移動 スペース:ジャ
Saibo Supremacy - A virus seeks to infect and destroy numerous cells to fulfill it's raison d'être. It's not the only virus in the world. Another virus seeks the same purpose.
自然の力を使い、自然破壊を行う開拓者を倒していくタワーディフェンスゲームです。 時間経過で溜まっていくパワーを使い、風や火山など様々な自然現象を駆使して、敵を倒しハイスコアを目指しましょう!
Tower defense game where players summon demonic characters from Shakespeare to insult each other and battle it out on a tempestuous bridge.
An autistic girl projects herself into her toy stuffed lion to help break out of her mental prison that is her room.
horror with a heartbeat....... the Boy's dog gets loose and runs into a haunted house. The boy chases the dog into the house. The boy must use his cell phone light to find his way through the pitch black enviornment, all the while he recives text hints from a mystyerious source. His heartbeat helps him detect the monsters that live in the house. As his pulse quickens he has to move away from the creatures before they hear his rapid heartbeat.