Rémi Fusade

Past Games

You play as a garden gnome running around in a hedge maze, avoid moles, collect stars and get through those doors somehow!
You are in charge of the "Lost & Found" desk of a dungeon. The adventurers here are very upright: if they find anything in the dungeon, they will return it to the Lost & Found desk,
As the kingdom went to war they realized they didn’t have enough weapons and armor for the army. They asked the blacksmiths to start production quickly, however, the blacksmiths had all retired.
Teddies Throwing is a 2 players party-game where the goal is to clean your room. Throw all your toys to your sibling's side of the room.
online two player game with asymetric level.
Another Show In Paradise is a multiplayer coop game, that can be played by as many people as the room can hold! You play as a crowd (Both in game and in real life) carrying a Rockstar!
You’re sick ! And you don’t know what you have… But your doctors are doing everything they can to help you ! Their solution ? Prescribe all possible drugs until you heal !
Scouts Forever is a game where you lead a scout company during their journey to the forest. Help the scouts to take decisions in order to keep them alive.

Hearty Games