Past Games

A video based choose your own adventure time travel game.
A game for the original NES! Help make sure an important message is relayed across the entire sector, but beware of the dreadful space enemies. Play it using your favorite emulator or load it up
One of you has a map. The other one has three cute little legs. Both of you have radios. Only good communication will get you out of this quirky dungeon! Bring a friend and the Dungeon Map.
One diver. Many, many fish using tracked Vive controllers. Protect Them!
You travel the galaxy buying and selling guns. The price of the guns is determined by the stability of the wars you are manipulating.
You and 3 other astronauts are trapped in outer space in an alien cave filled with deadly spikes and bouncy mushrooms. The door is locked and there is only one oxygen tank left. What do you do now?
A collection of 3 (almost 5) local multiplayer competitive games - Use 2-4 Xbox360 or PS3 controllers.