Past Games

Play as Lizzy, the space lizard, and repair space ships! Grapple the wall to fix parts of the ship before oxygen runs out!
In the cold on the dark side of the moon, you must work your way home, by planting flowers that generate light and heat.
You play as Julio the Fruit Bat. Julio is hungry!
When chromatic extraterrestrials threaten their home-world, what's an intrepid crew of space miners to do? Profit of course!
Take a picture of yourself and see what is inside! A minecraft-style sandbox game where you craft random things out of 'idea blocks'.
Our hero must save his dragon kin, who have had their hearts replaced with evil ones. It is a game built around the metaphor that you try to heal your friends without getting hurt, yourself, and help bring about a better resolution. In the process, you find out who your, yourself, are. Although there is blood (it's has hearts, after all), it's meant to portray a message of non-violence.

Hearty Games