Past Games

"The great war is upon us. Please Doctor, you must support us in the trenches!" If my compatriots' begging would not convince me, my Hippocratic Oath would seal the deal.
People have lost stuff. They want it back. Communication is always difficult when people don't want to waste time. Can you find their stuff?
Peary is a 'repear' bird on the sailing ship S.S. Citrus.
Grab loot from your dungeon for your home! Increase the size of your loot stash!
Fly around in your ship and pick up signals from various planets, see what happens! Controls: up to thrust, left and right to rotate. Space to advance text.
Protect your tower from an onslaught of waves, as you deflect the waves away you gain points which are used to upgrade your base. However a bigger base is harder to defend!! Spacebar to control!