Past Games

Dyad is a Cooperative Multiplayer experience where players must work together to make their way through a Dwarven Dugeon and its many traps and puzzles.
What started as a typical day at the offices of Evil Owl, quickly studios goes awry. The maintenance workers have won the lottery, and are nowhere to be seen.
The planet needs fixing, more water, more O2 and more plant life, click the planet back to life before helping the little aliens fix the rest of the solar system.
Control a 1950's American family, follow in the basic day to day care of their lovely new home. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on...
A puzzle game where the player will solve puzzles from a person on the phone.
A little box with the ability to visualise sound waves. Find your way through the dark rooms, by making as much noise as you can, to collect all of the orbs before time runs out.