Past Games

Visual Novel game about story of an impossible romance between girl and a cho-cho
Repair the China, repair the world. Turn back planes to the port, by clicking right keys to the virus beat.
Extreme relocation game - a lot of cataclysms are going to get you, so you have to move all your stuff to another flat. Updated builds can be downloaded from here:
Important Football match is on TV tonight, everyone eyes are glue to theyr TV watching with anticipation and there is You, hero standing on the guard to make sure everyone tonight have crystal clear r
You are the astronaut on Space Station. At one moment Earth is destroyed before your eyes.
Brian, the Candy-man goes to the Candy-shop, but he didn't know that these candies will have a huge impact to he's perception..
It's about escaping from the ghetto.
Amazing Suicide Ressurection of Foka.