Past Games

Edgar travels in his memories to return home, his own happiness is in the forgiveness, and the acceptance of his past.
The QWOPish Multiplayer you never asked for… but now you desperately need
Robros is a 2.5D Rougelike action plataformer.
Rouguelike creepy procedural map making game. Find the gems necesarry in each level to go to the next one.
Español: El objetivo del juego es escapar del planeta, donde has sido creado como experimento genético dentro de un laboratorio especializado. Para lograrlo requieres evolucionar, derrotando al resto de experimentos para obtener su información genética y desarrollarte a una especie superior. English: The main goal it's to escape from the planet, in where you've been created inside of a special laboratory. To make it possible you need to evolve to your ultimate form by defeating the experiments that you will face to get their genetical stuff.