Past Games

Darklight Defenders is a Mobile tower defense game. Use the dark towers against light enemies and light towers against the dark enemies.
Search the galaxy and try to find how the prevent the future from destroying the universe.
A roguelite where you are stuck in a time loop. Use included dpad or keyboard to move. Attack enemies by moving towards them. Try to find items and equip them. Win by collecting all 3 orbs.
Finland is the land of a thousand lakes.
Multiplayer rocket-controlling game of delayed signals. Game is available at http://bit.ly/fgjhumans for some days after jam. After that custom server is needed.
Guide your light through black matter streams generated by audio waves and try to succeed in where others have failed.
The game is about the Booze Rally ritual happening in Finnish border checkpoints. You play either as a Finn getting alcohol from Estonia, or as a customs agent.
Hero tries to get out of a shipwreck before running out of oxygen. There are many ways to get through the underwater maze, some of them safer, some of them faster, some of them quite interesting.
We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are the champions. The game is an augmented reality game in virtual reality featuring Oculus Rift, custom-built stereo camera and unity3d.
Your mission is to bring your heart to a heartless robot. During your travel you must rip the heart out of your chest and shove it to another living thing. Every character has its own strenghts, which will help you on your journey!
Follow Maipop in it's adventures and help it to pass obstacles like clouds vomiting rainbows, monsters and banana peels!
The game is all about destruction of human kind. You play a global poisoning system spreading a deadly disease annihilating every human on earth. The goal is to make people extinct.
While playing lyre you solve scrambled pictures fetched from social medias. We offer you two different versions - streaming and offline.