Past Games

​You are forced out of Samurai retirement after a barbaric attack on your childhood village resulting in a hunt of a lifetime for mans best friend​
Jim Jimson a shunned castle owner framed for murder and burglary embarks on a mission to get his castle back, retrieve his lost items and free his workers all without the guard alerting the king.
Help out your bigger bot friend so he can take down the evil robot monsters that are hidden around the world.
Home Is Where The Mech Is, is an FPS where you must defend your house from being destroyed, the game features Twitch integration that allows Twitch users to send more enemies your way.
You have been dropped on Mars with no communication to earth. You have to rebuild your ship to send a transmission back to earth and get home safe.
You cannot see; you must use sound as your means of vision. Explore abandoned structures and puzzles using the objects around you to find your way home.