Past Games

Not all things are lost forever. The kind forest spirit must work together with a discarded robot to rejuvenate ancient technology. But the ultimate reward is friendship.
Theme inspired minigame collection akin to "Dumb ways to die", where you need to figure out quickly what to do in each task. Careful, time runs out fast.
It's Friday night. All your friends are bar-hopping and having fun. They want you to join them, but you really just want to stay at home instead.
It is year 2020 in the distant future. The world is in shambles.
Become an opera singer and deliver unto your fervorous audience a magnificent symphony of death.
Band together with your friends to make the world a better place!
You, a valiant police officer of the future, have been assigned a double-shift - at the same time!
Two (potato) brothers face the twisted land of floating dirt isles. Each is blind in their own way.