Pispalan Prinssi

Past Games

Project that runs around the jam from dev to dev. Each dev is free to do whatever they want with the project.
Toss a coin. Elves will cheer you along the way.
GoodBoy and Goblin don't talk to each other anymore. It is your job to solve the conflict!
Builb a Home is about working hard to achieve your housing dreams.
Bloom is a relaxing one-button rhythm game about growing a flower.
VR game about being pirate captain.
Throw snowballs! Throw them hard!
Async PVP game where players fight against each others ghosts... to finally end up battling against themselves?? Only time will tell.
A small great story about creation, destruction and the history of universe.
The era of dragons draws to an end. Heroes from all around the world must choose whether try to hunt them down or save them from an exctinction, by playing a simple mini-game of epic proportion. Once all the dragons have been hunted down, it will be over once and for all.

Hearty Games