Piotr Kołodziejczyk

Past Games

You are already in the GAME! You are CHOOSEN. Try add as many participants as You can. Don't worry, they cannot remove themselfs, but beware...
3D First-person interactive puzzle adventure, set in the memories of a broken man.
Your spaceship broke and is about to explode. You are the only service robot that can repair it. And time is running out...
Extreme relocation game - a lot of cataclysms are going to get you, so you have to move all your stuff to another flat. Updated builds can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/f
Player controls an astronaut who is seen only through security cameras. Player's goal is to activate hidden mechanism and solve the mystery of the space station.
Immerse Yourself in the mysterious fight taking place in a MICROWAVE!

Hearty Games