Past Games

The world has gone to dirt and you are our last hope. Communications tower requires more power.
A co-operative horror game meant to be played on two screens. Grab a friend, work together, find the keys and watch out for the spooky scary monsters. INSTRUCTIONS: Screen 1: The Explorer.
You are ill, you must survive to next night. Wondering around your apartment, rooms look different. There is pizza lying around and I can't walk straight. ... What did I do last night?
You're stuck in a loop. Move through the Hub and find your way out!
Scientist tried to save pandas from extincintion, by removing the part from their genes that allowed them to die a natural death. FAIL! Now all the undead zombie pandas are roaming city streets. You, a burly daddy bear are the only one who can save the day. Present the blessing on violent, unnatural death to these abominations and lay them all to rest. If you can.