Past Games

Navigating through star systems, your ship is capable of firing from the front or shielding at the back.
Card-based journey and emotions you encounter along the way.
Fix the circuits on the burning space ship, and run to the escape pod. 2 player, first there to hit the button and activate the green light, survives!
Network Multiplayer invader-in-my-house hide and seek
What are these transmissions from the far corners of space? They couldn't be anything bad, could they?
Hold out against waves of invaders. Place towers to defend against each successive wave - do not let the invaders reach their goal.
Dungeon treasure hunt against the clock! Collect all the treasures required to perform the ritual at the pentagram before the time runs out!
Your people's homeland is destroyed. Your people are at a loss. "What do we do now?" they ask. Push forward, pillaging and marauding until you find somewhere you can call home.
HTW:GE - Track down the Wumpus in a maze of caverns, with your friends (or foes) in this multiplayer, text-based suspense thriller! The closer you are to the Wumpus, the louder and faster its heartbeat as it senses your approach. Use this to your advantage and kill the beast before it gets you! Connects to a central server by default, or connect to others or run your own server with the supplied files. ** Winner of the Edinburgh Scottish Jam #sgj13 #edi Thanks for all the interest! **
Trouble with our intended submission, so fell back to last years submission (achieving \"It’s Not Plagiarism, It’s Research\") with brand new hand-drawn resources (\"Scribbl’d\"). \ Just a bit of fun.
You and your friends are the last people alive. Hold out as long as you can against the waves of zombies before humanity becomes... EXTINCT! This game is written in Java using LWJGL OpenGL framework.