Philip Eineheir Hayes

Past Games

You're a low tier god that wants to do good for the world by answering prayers. The problem is that sometimes you don't always have the best answers.
Play a game, then play another. Run through a sequence of games centered around getting objects home.
It's a game of strategic telephone with kids! It's almost time to go but you need to finish grading your students papers! Pick the right kid for the tasks that you didn't get around
Bobbert finally realized that he has a super power and gift, and he uses his power to rescue cats and other objects from trees. Get ready to get your wiggle on!
Pair up and square off in an arena where you must duke it out with your opponent using choreographed movements to perform rituals that will give you the edge.
A point-and-click adventure exploring a mysterious old room from the perspectives of two different times.