Past Games

To live on the island Maj Emag mayor Harvey spoke to his people that they have to sacrifice their crops and animals to the vulcano god Labolg, whenever he asks for them.
Inspired by the board game "Labyrinth". 4 players wander the labyrinth, searching for hearts, in real time while modifying the labyrinth itself. Install all files from the release folder. Then run from the source directory. Best played with XBox Gamepads (rumble used as a gameplay element). Controls: Gamepad: left stick: Move start: Join x: Slide Keyboard left,right,up,down: Move return: Join right ctrl: Slide wsad: Move Start: e X: q ijkl: Move Start: u X: o 2468: Move 1: Join 3: Slide
Racing Game based on Super Mario Kart

Hearty Games