Past Games

During the harshest day of winter, only the fire that burns in the hearth of your small cabin is keeping you alive. Wood is running out, and a blizzard roars in the outside.
Losing one sheep is bad, but losing the entire flock is a disaster! Be a good boy and find them all. Oh Sheep! was chosen as the best game in its jam site
A local coop game in which you need to repair computers going through a conveyor as fast as possible to keep your internet rating high. A love letter to Overcooked.
A glorious battle for the control of your childhood tree house.
Dance in the rainmaking ritual! OR NOT. The farmer asks the sky for rain, but the cook does not want his barbecue ruined.
A classic Survival Robot game where four strong and handsome robots have to beat infinite waves of ugly and old robo enemies during a constant reset of their systems, forcing them to learn how to play
This game is absolutely not Candy Crush Saga.
Jonnhy es un actor fracasado y gordo que harto de no conseguir papeles en ninguna película decide ponerse en forma. Es así como desde la mohosa habitación de motel de su querida Kentucky, con la única ayuda de una maquina de correr y resistiendo la tentación de la comida, tendrá que mantener el ritmo cardíaco para perder esos kilos de más y entrar en las diferentes partes de su disfraz de Cowboy, eso sí, sin morir en el intento.
Gyroworld is a platform that gets place in a circular 2.5D random rotating scenario. The player has to reach the center of the world, and when this happens, a new concentric circle is created over the previous one. If the player dies, a circle is deleted.