Past Games

You are a dog. You know your territory and how to mark it. Still you have to hustle everyday and protect your turf. This is your park. Make sure it stays that way.
Tactical one-on-one brawl simulator. ## Gameplay ## Game is controlled using your mouse.
CONTROLS: -> Press mouse | Touch screen and move left or right to control wave's direction; -> Release to shoot; EXPLANATION: It is a game about Mothman (trust me, it sounds much more c
Cultists are planning to sacrifice you in an unholy ritual. Escape their dungeon or die trying!
Experimental Android version:
A fast paced 3D game for waking up your mind. The objective is to collect appropriate parts of a particular airplane before you hit the ground.
Fast paced and addictive survivor game. You must survive in the circle while controlling the circle and trying to avoid other circles by shooting them with circles. You see, there are a lot of circles in this game.
Idea is simple. There is grid (map). Each color cluster starts to grow and eat each other out. Player is responsible for not letting one color to disappear (extinct).