Past Games

Ever wondered what it's like to fight over the wheel in a racing game?
You are dr. Archie Harper, an archeologist sent to the lost city of Nibiru. The lost city of Nibiru is going through a weird time-space anomaly which you must successfully navigate.
CONGA! ██████ 2 player co-op game. One player is a scout, other player is an engineer. The scout uses a drone to find runes or congas and then communicates their location to the player.
Super Cool Igra is a 4-player multiplayer non-violent top down shooter where you are divided in teams of 2, and you have to push out the other teams out of arena. But there is one catch!
Two player, splitscreen, co-op exploring game. The goal of the game is to capture all control points and reach the end. Each player (drone) has an electromagnetic gun in his possession.
The game consists of one player character, 6 totems and runes. The totems are activated by the player and communicate with him through music.
A game about choices. Try to get past the first level, or don't. It's your call. Press E to open the door and walk out into the world. Left and Right mouse buttons control your arms.
Ok, in one 'word', our game is a split-screen-co-op-top-down-platformer.
An earthquake strikes, and you're stuck in a tunnel! The goal is to jump over cars and rocks, and by doing so you increase your score and your adrenaline, and by pressing SPACE you activate your adrenaline and you get a X2 multiplier on your score.

Hearty Games