Pepita pimpampum

Past Games

“When a problem comes along, you must whip it” (Mark Mothersbaugh , DEVO). Wake up the jammers before the time runs out. Encourage them in less than thirty seconds, let's whip it!
Es un juego de mesa de dos jugadores, tipo juego de la oca donde las trampas son situadas por el adversario. Gana quien llegue primero a la meta.
Guerra de bombitas... con reglas! // Water bombs war... with rules! This is a physical game.
"Tirar onda" a alguien is the equivalent to "To flirt with". Is a Shoot em' loink (love + oink) game , where you have to flirt with Mss. Piggy.
Mondrian Manda is a memory/puzzle game based on the famous painter Piet Mondrian, where you have to follow the color-squence given by the game.