Past Games

Being the guardian spirit of these woods is all about balance, but lately humans are getting more and more greedy: they are cutting your trees, hunting your animals… This is unacceptable!
The old man named Garry was chilling in his backyard when, suddenly, a bomb dropped in his neighborhood.
"We found a map to an underwater treasure, hop on this submarine and don't come back until you have it." Also, you can talk to cuttlefish now. The map on the bottom right gives
A multiplayer game about a demon who does not want to be summoned, so he kills his acolytes before they sacrifice for his summoning ritual. One player plays the acolytes, the other plays the demon.
Fresh Case is a Point and Click in 2.5D. The player wakes up after a good night of drinking, but he does not remember what happened.
Voyagez à travers le monde en incarnant un personnage pour le moins étrange.