Past Games

Just as interactions and relationships transform a house into a home, the memories collect also that define us and our existence.
Travel trough the land and gather up followers to face down the Great Snail, and take it's shell as a new home for your people!
A frog goes down the river on a lillypad. It is hungry! You play by creating waves on the water, and moving the lillipad and the frog.
A game about controlling two stars and destroying objects. One object can be destroyed by any of the dots, the other can only be destroyed by the dot which has the corresponding color.
It's the 80s and the latest trend is the miraculous Shockwave Headgear™, an affordable technological wear that converts your brain waves into kinetic force, allowing the most regular human to per
A 2D side-scroller where you only see sound.
In deep space you'll find Ptolomy, a solar system where a group of planets have to work together to reconstruct it's lost star.
Two robots. One factory quality control section.
When you are the team leader of a bunch of ragtag adventurers who can't even find the pointy side of their sword, it's up to you to help them navigate their first challenge: A deadly corrido