Past Games

Press "Space" to switch between Pluck (Past Self) and Warble (Future Self) to avoid the oncoming polyrhythmic obstacles.
Sometimes you just gotta use your psychic powers to find what's missing. Like your keys when your wife is asking you if you are ready to leave....Good luck.
2.5D puzzle platformer. Play as a mouse, fixing a watch, squash spiders. GGJ 2020
Just got a new house. Time to turn it into a home with the new spiffy do-it-all FurniGun.
Locked in a nightmare players must dodge these bad dreams by founding the sounds to keep them at bay. Controls: A/Left Arrow - Left D/Right Arrow - Right S/Down Arrow - Dash Space - Jump D
The player's job is to infiltrate the Mayor's ball and put an end to his deeds. But, the only way to get to the Mayor is by working your way through each of the various social circles until you reach his. Not all characters are what they appear and how you work your way through the party will decide if vengeance will be yours. Controls: Move - WASD Look - Mouse Action/Proceed - Left Click Equip Mask - Right Click Make One person happy to reach the Mayor's inner circle!
Embark on an adventure of microscopic proportions to locate and eradicate a malicious tumor inside the human body; guided only by pulsing light of the heart. Navigate through a maze and avoid deadly enemies in the dark to reach the source of infection.
You are a spirit, running of out time. Avoid your inevitable death as long as possible by jumping into and possessing others' bodies. But this isn't an end-all solution! Keep running and possessing others to prolong your life.
Deceptive Platformer is a 2-d action game the plays on the common conceptions that surround platforming games. Platforms are no longer safe havens, they reverse your controls, alter your gravity, and bend your perception of reality. Your goal is to reach the door at the end of each stage while managing a myriad of mind boggling, deceptive, platforms.