Past Games

Word Rush is a multiplayer word search game where you rush against another player in order to find out who can find the highest amount of words within a given time. Level progression includes chall
The Great Calamity caused the forest spirits to go into hiding. To bring balance back to nature, you must regrow the garden of life so that the forest spirits may return to their homes.
Graviators is a gravity-based Roman gladiator local multiplayer brawler game. Attack enemies before your fuel gauge dissipates, while hurling your combatants into spikes to ruin their lives.
This game is fully played using a DIY method for holograms generation. Real objects are used to give a more realistic perspective of the game by giving depth clues, occlusion and collision.
Boogles is a local multiplayer battle arena game that is played using Android Devices as gamepads up to 16 players. The idea of the game sprong up after a discursion between the developers about th
This is a cooperative multiplayer game, which the goal is to survive with a partner against the unseen meteors. A spaceship can shot white and same colors meteors and can only see the obstacles of
Follow your heart is a new experience of labirith game. You are in a deep dark labirinth and searching for your love. The person that you are looking for is somewhere in the dungeon. You cannot see too far away and there is a lot of wrong paths to go. Your only lead is the beats of a heart, as you hear the beats better, that´s means you are closer to reach your girlfriend. There are 5 level to have fun in the this new game.

Hearty Games