Past Games

What is it about a home that makes it feel so warm and cozy - Is it the fireplace cracking in the dim light, the placement of your favorite mug in a cabinet, or the people living within its corridors?
Versatile is a lighthearted tabletop game about making up stories around a selection of randomly assigned picture tiles. The object of Versatile is to piece together a lost narrative similar to how
A game where home is temporary. You play as a Hermit crab who must defend his home sand castle and everyone in it from certain seagull annihilation.
In the game HAM, the player navigates a 4-part musical transmission through the depths of space whilst dodging an array of space junk.
It's a game about running towards doors and stuff. Controls: Left click to interact, Right click to slide under doors, R to restart, WASD to move, Space to jump.
A platformer about a king who loves candy... Controls: Arrow keys, space bar, R to restart

Hearty Games