Past Games

Un juego de ritmo que mezcla algunos elementos del género de peleas. Solo el mejor saldrá victorioso como el bailarín más candela de todos en batallas de baile 1v1.
Cooperative game where you must defend the love of your life, Little Venezia from the clutches of the malevolent and corrupt King Whiskers.
Music Planets is a music synchronization game, mind-body will be put to the test to prove who is the best in 360 dance with augmented reality! Top Score: 7110 by Tomas Fernandez.
Victor feels the presence of unknown beings, these intend to torment him... Flashlight and Jukebox will be your allies to escape before it is consumed. Objective: Entrar y Salir...
Dancing with a Devil... not too spooky! Rhythmic game that challenge player's senses with a perfect blend of eye-hand.
Start your epic adventure of developing a video game in the global game jam with his great subject! What do we do now? Yeah! build your team, select your gender, design style, solo or co-op?
Juego de carta que toma algunos elementos de juegos como Magic, Hearthstone y similares, mezclandolo con elementos totalmente innovadores dentro del genero.
Orville is a natural magician, He can transform to different animals and see the different perspectives of the universe.
Its a game about trust , love and fate ; If you have the oportunity to save the person that you love given your own life to do it, you will still do it? Its a addictive mechanic , with funny situations and a discret dark sense of humour , You will incarnate a young boy that love her girlfriend, he have to find medication and deliver it on time. you are running out of time and you have to choose it is worth to save her life or yours. Who to save?