Past Games

ArreDragon, el dragón mega ortiba que te arregla todo (siempre y cuando te banques sus pedos).
A multiplayer game where four robots compete to repair their ships. First one to repair their ships wins.
El jugador debe construir su hogar a partir de varios elementos y personas utilizando el mouse para moverse/girar e ir incorporando sus elecciones mediante colisión.
A game where you have to provide for your home. Collect all the food and take it home, but be careful with the cat! Move with WASD. If the cat goes after you, you can hide behind objects.
The title says it all.
Dos chamanes de tribus enemigas deben recolectar cada uno las tres partes de sus respectivos tótem para completar su ritual y vencer a la otra tribu. Compatible con el Argentron.
Plow, herd and appease the gods in this farm simulator with a dark twist. PLAY IT NOW!
Pick up a ritual with a partner in order to satisfy a deity and save the village from impending doom. Each ritual represents a different kind of mini game: either competition or coordination.
Try to get from level to level. Be careful though! Jump too much and you might just break your legs! Trata de pasar los niveles. Pero cuidado, si saltas mucho te podes romper las piernas!
Time is short and customers are hungry. Bake pizzas is our task, but the ingredients are scarce. What do we do now?
As a space worker, you need to be able to cope with the loss of skills to survive.
Nine musicians must sing on an unexpectedly dangerously wrecked stage. They sing and try to sound as good as they can while they help each other against falling lights, microphone feedback, etc.