Past Games

Fix ancient structures to explore mysterious lands.
At home at last, the only thing missing is to put you adorable, lazy cat into the basket. Your arms was cut in production, so now you have to push your cat around on the floor.
A whale is calling for something in the darkness. Listen for answers. Beware of attracting hostile forces.
A princess desperate to save her caravan, but people keep pestering her because she is a princess. Her only means of communicating is trough waving.
Become a guru. Each lotus gives a new guru power. (Jumping and crouching are the only buttons in addition to moving around.)
A game about lost souls.
Does time move differently when you are bored or excited? Is time relative to you? Concept - Time moves slow when you move, time moves fast when you stand still. Move with WASD or ARROW KEYS
A racing within. Controls are "left" and "right" arrow or "a" and "d". Don't collide with stuff.
Give him a push. NOMNOMNOM!
They are cute. They are adorable. They are about to go extinct! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
You control the traffic light men in puzzle platforming.