Past Games

The Voodoo king has stole your goat for his dark rituals! you must retrieve goatee before he is sacrificed! fight your way past the hordes of voodoo dolls to get to the king before its to late!
OH NO..=0.. FIRE AT THE MACKINTOSH BUILDING!!! QUICK WE MUST SAVE AS MUCH AS WE CAN!!! Get in there lads.. watch out for the builders foam, its highly flammable.
2D Side-Scroller which uses the emotions of the protagonist to determine the environment and level.
Randomly generated Amnesia with tones of Slender and SAW
constructing and deconstructing in relation to human evolution.
Our game is set in a world extinct of creative expression, music and colour. You play as a spirit trying to restore life to the world, one piece at a time.