Past Games

You are the last member of your crew. The last battles have left your ship in a deplorable state.
Coming back home is not an easy task, especially when coordinating all the members of the spaceship crew is the only way to achieve it.
You were born with the gift: you can communicate with the world of the living and the world of the dead.
we pick fruit falling from a tree
Eat And Shut It, is a 2D videogame made in Unity3D engine. Is a casual-arcade videogame where you have to eat all food, that a tree who is in the center of the screen, drops for you. You control a "chest" - like character (as a treasure chest), moving him to left, right and jumping too. If one drop fall down to the floor, the game ends. Each heartbeat of the tree, means a drop(s) is(are) coming down.