One Winged Angel

Past Games

You and your team need to keep the highway in good repair.
Muscular Hog Genies must appease their god by rolling chickens into food to make them increase in size. The bigger the size, the bigger the sacrifice.
Space-O combines Procedurally generated Hallways and Puzzles in a third person exploration adventure game.
Solidified is a 3rd Person Top-Down Adventure Puzzler, the player controls Change-O, an evil dude who can transform from a Gormless Gelatinous blob to a Metal robot death spirit, when Change-O changes
Hearts Vs. Minds is a 2D isommetric battle game, pitting two teams of robots against each other. One team contains Hearts, the other contains Brains, and they both hate each other, each team have to spawn at their spawner, beat the hell out of each other, then try to take out their opponent's base spawner to end the game.
multi-player snake racing game. Each snake (Viper vs Hydra) has a driver and a gunner(blaster vs machine gun), the two player team has to work against an other two player team to either beat the other players in a race or destroy them with your weapons! The level has powerups and obstacles. Let the snake death race BEGIN!
Sidescrolling Game about saving the Bamboo Forest and Panda's from extinction.