Past Games

You need to repair all the pipes and survive as much time as you can.
A game about repairing vases How to play: 1. Repair vases shown in the screens on top by placing pieces from the conveyor belt on the builing desks below 2.
Get on the shoes of a switchboard operator and connect all the incoming calls. Cooperative multiplayer game for 2 or 4 players.
#ESP: Pulse es una visual novel que nos lleva a tres momentos significativos en una vida, permitiéndonos afrontarlos de maneras diferentes.
Empathink is a rhythmic puzzle game in which two brains have to synchronize their neural oscillations.
You are one of the guests at the wedding reception, and the bride is about to make the ritual of throwing the bouquet. A new opportunity to be blessed by the bride is open to you.
It's a cooperative platform game. The story is about an Evil Pepper that controls the minds of your enemies.

Hearty Games