Oktawian Wasilewski

Past Games

Mix of the card game and third person action game.
Player cant move, you need to attach some things to him and help him find his lost cake.
Project MARS is an immersive, crazy and yet touching journey to the darkest corners of the mars where a huge community of world greatest scientists lives...
Pooplers is a party game. Up to 4 players. As a toddler you have diarrhea.
Game based on the transmission of the data to the mothership. Gain data by killing your enemies. Up to 4 players local multiplayer.
This game tells a story of small innocent ducks playing with their friends in a bathtub. Mystery, conspiracy, romance and epic lore are the things that are not included in our game.
reverse LEMMINGS. The game about dedication of followers to satisfy god cat.
android game
The most shady game on the 3City Game Jam.