Past Games

This game is awesome.
Apocalypse arrived earth. Many died, many suffered. Only a lonesome dude managed to survive. The only thing he has left is his beloved home, which is penetrated by meteroites.
There are three teams: RED, GREEN and BLUE. Every team's goal is to spray-paint all the other teams with their own color. A player that has been painted automatically changes the team. The g
Lead a piece of timber through the sawmills of life.
While the demons of hell are minding their own business, pesty priests and other religious fanatics are attacking. Help the demons defend their hallow party core by drawing powerful ritual runes.
Oh god! Asteroids! OH NOE! WHAT DO WE DO NOW?! Maneuver your Räumschiff with its three engines! Dodge asteroids! Don't crash on a planet! Keep your crew alive!
It's about how we see things.
Imagine you are an alien organism on an doomed asteroid and your goal is to blow as many spores into the space as you can during your remaining time.
MultiChrome is a 2D Jump&Run Sidescroller with simple graphics and addictive mechanics.