Past Games

*Xbox Controller required* 2 Players climb up a mountain to get home. The two players are connected with a rope and move using ragdoll physics.
It is a flying whale town
Windsheep is a game about a very wooly sheep. Because of the amount of wool he gets blown away, and has to try to use wind currents to get back home again. Obstacles makes this a daunting task
A game about making sure all your plants are happy and getting everything they need Drag and drop the plants to reposition them. Drag the watering can on top of a plant and right click to water it
You’re the owner of the last tavern before a deep and perilous dungeon.
In the distant future 2012, the world has collapsed. You have take humanity to a new inhabitable planet.
A dog paints his dog house while its owner is away. Control the dog's flaccid neck with ragdoll physics to paint your dog house!
I Am Home is about a birthday boy, who was gifted a dollhouse, a robot, and a double stacked cake. Everything a kid could wish for.