Past Games

Ever realized that with a bit of love, everything can be fixed? In this game, you play a Tech guy that repairs electronics with skills and love. Fix as many objects as possible in 60 sec by doing
It's the story of three little pigs that needs to defend themselves against the big bad Wolf.
After 4 scientists discover a way to transmit thoughts into actions they decide to test it out on a lab rabbit and see if they can really control it's movements by transmitting inputs directly to
Solar flares are suddently damaging the shield of your ship. You soon realize that those flares are dangerous when they reach your captain's room, killing him.
As the funky necromancer band that you and your friends are, you have been invited to the annual totem raising celebration.
Get together with a friend to play this competitive rockclimbing simulator! Each turn, choose one of the 4 actions avalaible to you and try to beat your opponent to the top!
Cats Command is a game in which your persona is a cat-freak, he disguise as one of them and loves his robo-cat.

Hearty Games