Past Games

This 2D game is about piloting a submarine with sonar radar. Your objective is to find an enemy ship and destroy it. Pay attention to foley cues to locate your enemy faster.
Please them, please them all...
After a heist gone bad two rival teams have to co-operate in order to get a submarine safely back home from under antarctic ice.
Feel Outside The Box is a story about Tipu and Tipu's day in a town. You control Tipu through everyday happenings and meetings in the town and anything Tipu does adds up to Tipu's mood.
A shipwrecked astronaut tries to gather parts to fix the spaceship he was riding in an asteroid field around Saturn. He is slowly running out of oxygen and moving around with the space suit also consumes oxygen. Oxygen can be refilled by finding oxygen tanks on the asteroids. It is 3D first person game.