Past Games

You love the routine in your life, until the most beloved security in your life fights your psyche. Try to calm yourself down and please your OCDs, before the day is over and your mental breakdown ha
How about not being the hero of a RPG, but the quest giver instead? This time you don't solve the quests on your own but you send out powerful heroes to solve the tasks for you.
HeartTracer is an HTML5 top-down-shooter set in a cyber environment. You are an antivirus program, your mission is to rescue the heart of your computer, the CPU. The levels are generated randomly. The game has been created at the GGJ InnoGames jam site in January 2013.
Hooked is a single-screen team-based multiplayer PC game for four players. The level is cut into halfs by a small river, and the players use their controllers trying to hook enemy players over to their side, damaging them. The first team to score ten kills wins the match. \ \ And guess what's happening if you hook somebody, who's hooking somebody, who's hooking somebody who's hooking you...