Past Games

GHOST DETECTIVE only remembers one thing, they were the world’s leading detective until they suddenly died.
Between the silver haze of the sky and the green maze of the forests lies the industrial city of Port Nathaniel, where the workers and loggers of Old Town reconcile the change to their community broug
Cosmic Moon is a 3d puzzle/platformer where a tiny innocent robot must fix a big scary world.
It's time to care for the little children that don't have a home. Build an orphanage to accommodate children and help them get adopted. Expand to a huge complex, full of life and joy!
Puzzles involving bouncing laser beams
Larry is a librarian working at a library. One day, while brewing coffee, he accidentally brewed a magical concoction that transformed him into a lich.
Movement: WASD, Space; Faced with the obstacles in your office, your world changes as you react to the various stimuli found within.
You are a child alone in the dark with monsters. Rescue the other children's hearts before yours is eaten.