Norbert Laduczky

Past Games

Repairing an ecosystem as the doggedly handsome president. The animal kingdom is in distress, chaos has prevailed and animals are in a constant struggle to eat each other.
This game is about people not taking responsibility for the messy situations they create. Granted, these lovebirds were set up to fail, but that's not really our fault now is it.
A player vs player area control game where scrambling your opponents controls is the key to victory
Ducks in a bathtub gliding on lava. Don't fall into the lava.
Once a week; every week, it's Monday. Horrible, horrible Monday.
TORPEDA is a game about survival, marine warfare, icebergs, alternate history, asymmetric cooperation, lots of shouting and not being able to read Russian.
Liberation, but at what cost? A fight between armies: march your ground forces, and request powerful strike support to effectively defeat the opposing side. Non-combatants live in some areas.
Terror. For some, it’s a thrill to experience this feeling. For others, the effect is só strong that they can actually be scared to death. The best way to prevent this from happening? Keeping your eyes closed... Timmy is a small boy who gets lost inside an abandoned mansion after dark. Ancient, twisted spirits haunt the mansion and have emerged to look for the intruder within. While they can’t attack Timmy, they will prey on his fear and try to terrify him until his heart stops. To escape from the mansion alive, find a way to avoid all the horrible things that prey on your fears. If you want to see another day again, you must... see no evil.
In Evolution, your goal is to survive for as many generations as possible. Have sex with women to create a new generation and play as your kid to keep the cycle alive.
Eradicate the inhabitants of a warring planet.