Past Games

A mix between a 2 players visual novel and a cooperative arcade game. The visual novel tells the story of a couple, and the arcade game is the minimalist representation of the story.
At the start of the game, there are many players of many different colors. You are one of them. Every player can convert others to its color by shooting at it.
Lettres d'amour is an Oculus touch game for two players, played with only one headset and two Touch controllers. One player has the headset and a Touch controller, and they must throw their
The Silent One is waiting. Praise be the Silent One. The Silent One is your friend. Do please the Silent One.
Split is a two-player interactive drama about the aftermath of a breakup. Express your angst or get over it as fast you can but remember: your ex-partner is living their life right at the same time
One morning, Ingrid wakes up... and everyone is Ingrid.
>>> To play the game : <<< The Loving is a fighting game about love. Players will need to show all the love they feel toward each other to fill their mutual life gauge and win the Fight of Love. Each kick and punch is the occasion of an event, "Truth or Dare" style, celebrating everything you like in your opponent. But beware counter-hit, block and special attack: your opponent may very well show you a fiercer, undodgeable love.
The classical game of \"snake\" in the hand of DEMOCRACY. \ Everyone can come on the website to vote for the next snake move! \ \
DON'T WIN ! is the story of a shoot'em up spaceship pilote who realizes he is a video game character... and that he will "die" if he finishes the game. So in order to exist for the longest time possible, he has to survive the enemy waves AND take care to not extinguish them and win.