Past Games

It's late at night...
An epic adventure of two unlikely friends, trying to get through the challenges of the world. Find new friends along the way and beware the surroundings, as they might not all like each other...
The game is a top-down horror mystery, where unexpected events lead to you looking for a lost possession and stumble upon even more.
Sir Drawalot, a knight of pen and pencil, returns home from a long journey. The only thing he wants is to watch the latest episodes of Contest of Nobles together with his lovely girlfriend princess.
Players drive around in their RV and set it up to defend their home from other player's invaders. Game is a multiplayer game using airconsole, where each player joining with their mobile phone g
Released from the chains of flesh one can truly find home. W, S, A, D, Left Shift, Space to Move. You can use mouse/joystick to look around.
A mold-school game about mold ('home' in Finnish). Take over houses with mold.
Help a little awkward critter with an eccentric personality to understand that appreciated and well-wished-for solitude is an acceptable life goal and indeed, a definition of home.

Hearty Games