Past Games

A chaotic minigame collection about the struggles of living with your living. Gamepad highly recommended (but not mandatory, play it however you feel like).
Malote, a test monkey of a mad scientist is put into a strange experiment: To traverse a city flying over its garbage having a single sonic pulsor in his back. Leaning on the ground is unacceptable.
Protect your astral self to make your connection to the universe. Meditation can not be interrupted, and the anguishes of the past will do anything to disturb the great master's concentration.
In this little game, inspired by the classic Pressure Cooker and more recent games such as Burger Island and Cake Mania, the player will be helping Cally, our voodoo expert, to deliver custom made rit
Yo! It is a street game. To survive you need to know the performance of rituals, if not, maybe you're a traitor infiltrated the gang, and nobody likes TR-8R.
The world still changing, every country have some government issue. The street was occupied, the screams are echoing in every corner.
Você tem a habilidade de um ninja? Este jogo é sobre um rei maluco e a perda de sua galinha.
Auto projeções de um ser sobre aqueles ao seu redor, iludem e impedem algo muito maior e mais dinâmico.
"Kudos is a country ruled by Eklat Group, a tyrant and oppressor group that wants to turn all people equally within a pre-determined pattern. And they need someone to do the dirty work.
A puzzle adventure game in which a boy must find his lost family after an unexpected event. For this, he will have to use his heart and feelings across the map.
You are Astolfo, an old's guy who is running away from enemies real and imagined. Its difficulty lies in balancing your effort.
Doc Z Heilen, a long time ago was infected by success in his research to create a formula to generate Zombies!. This infection will transform him in a Zombie and, thereby, the enemy of humanity.! But he discover a one hard solution: if his heart bump he still alive. Then, to avoid turning into a threat to whole humanity, he isolated himself on his couch in front of his tv. Causing shock in himself. But today he watch a good News! Dra. Marry Shelley lost her Nobel after the judges discovering that she invented a cure for a disease that does not exist: The Zumbification! Now, Doc Z will run to Shelley's Lab to find a cure, until its close. Or he died. ....................................................................... ---- ............................................................................. Doc Z Heilen, a muito tempo atrás foi infectado pelo sucesso em criar a formula que gera Zumbis! Essa infecção irá transformá-lo em um Zumbi e, com isso, o inimigo da humanidade! Mas ele descobriu uma difícil solução: se seu coração continuar batendo, ele permanecerá vivo. Então, antes de se tornar uma ameaça para toda a humanidade, ele se isolou em seu sofá diante de sua TV. Dando choques em si mesmo. Mas hoje ele viu na TV boas noticias! A Doutora Marry Shelley perdeu seu Nobel após os jurados descobrirem que ela inventou a cura para uma doença que não existe: A Zumbificação! Agora, Doc Z irá correr para o Laboratório da Dra. Shelley para encontrar a cura, antes que feche. Ou ele morra.