Past Games

Is the future and there is no mainland left. Your home is just a floating room in the endless ocean. Can you survive? Of course you can! As long as these extra rooms keep coming from nowhere.
A social game that puts all those years of imitating your old 56k modem to the test. You communicate with beeps and bops. Listen to the message to transmit, and replay it out loud into the microphone!
Create a ritual that lasts in time.
Each player has a hidden objective (read in a mini deck of cards) that must achieve: "Lose the quest/help in 3 situations/spend 1 coin or less/etc.". At the same time it shouldn't be t
You are a mime who has to infiltrate the mean lime ninja clan. Kill ninjas in the most bloody way possible. Use the limes they drop to get the limey tint to look like one of them and pass undetected. Use awesome, creepy, magical mime powers to defend yourself, or use super-deadly ninja stars against themselves.