Nir Miretzky

Past Games

The gamer plays a security officer that finds lost objects and kids using his security camera app. On every level you get a mission to find something, you can scan the cameras in the mall/parking/sup
The game is broke, use the force to fix it and play.
When we are looking at our homes from outside it makes it easier to understand what makes them home for us. Level 1 - Earth - control ISS as you can accelerate and decelerate to collect items that ma
The FM planet is been attacked by the AM Death Stars The planet last chance is a small old FM analog Radio fighting his way to save the FM Planet.
You are an astronaut and you spaceship crashed on Mars. Find your way to the spaceship. Day and Night are moving faster than on planet earth and your powers are different than earth too.
What do i do now? I'm Growing An 8 years old girl growing fast to 40, She starts in her childhood room and need to escape home before the age of 40.
You are Dead! But not all is lost: Some people do come back from the dead. Will you follow the light with you last heartbeats? Every step you take also makes you one step closer to your demise - so choose wisely
J.O.T is sick and tired of doing manual labor. He clones himself in hope for the easy life with his clones doing all the work. Little does he know that his clones have other plans... \ The Video Intro -
A flash video based point and click quest, involving other GGJ's group members as characters.