Past Games

GGJ 2020 Theme: Repair
a cold war themed espionage/stealth game. where the player needs to progress through a city using the game play mechanic of costume switching to access different areas.
we had alot of ideas about waves, and foolishly tried to put all of them in.. our level is an ocean and is wave themed. our characters trail sin waves of particles our characters also have colour
So I liked the idea that the players experience would become the ritual as they would have to perform the same patterns over and over.
In a world suddenly overrun by goats, two fantastically muscular men, chained together by fate (and a chain), and suffering what might be the worst hang over their lives, must defeat the hoards and th
Screen Looker is an experimental platformer which utilizes a nostalgic annoyance of screen looking (Looking at other players viewports in 4 player multi player) as a game mechanic.
Barbarian Bryn: a game about defeating your enemies and eating their hearts in a shower of victory blood. there is also a bear in it. Controls: Keyboard controls: A & D to move, Space to jump, Right Arrow key to throw Axes GamePad Controls: Left Analog stick to move, Button 1 to jump, Button 2 to throw axes
You are the warrior of Legend. It is you destiny to save the world from the Evil Wizard Dave. You'll be able to find Dave in level 100 of his tower. Now go kill him and stop bothering me. \ \ Lots of love - The Snake God XOX